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Yep, We Still Work with Java 7!

Recently, we have had tickets raised in our support system asking about compatibility with Java 1.7 (Java 7 SE). After Java moved to 1.7 over a year ago, we indeed needed to upgrade our applets to maintain compatibility. However, this change was made within days and we have been compatibile ever since. If you are experiencing a problem with Java 7, you may not have upgraded yet.

To upgrade, simply download the latest zip archive for your applet (found on the product pages), and upgrade BOTH your JAR (*.jar) file and your JavaScript (*.js) file. Keep a copy of your old JavaScript on-hand to copy your old values over to the new one.

For those who integrated the JS file into their own script or directly into their webpage via the <script> tag, you will need to copy and paste the new script into the appropriate place (of course, keeping the old copy around to migrate the values you’ve set!

Beyond compatibility, if you are using Windows 7 along with Java 7, you may have a firewall issue. We have written a knowledge base article (“FTP Not Working on Java 7…”) with more information.

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