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U-Upload IconComparison ChartU-Upload PricingOur U-Upload FTP applets allow users to send files without giving them direct access to the remote file system. In other words, if you want your users to upload to your FTP site in the easiest possible way, but don’t need or want them to see files on the server, U-Upload is for you.

There are two base interfaces available: the minimalist one used by U-Upload Pro, and the full GUI used by U-Upload Cart. Within each of these, a few options are available to meet your needs and budget.

Please review our Comparison chart to compare the available features for each product of the U-Upload Java applet family. For more information on costs, please view the Pricing Chart.


U-Upload Professional / Secure

U-Upload Professional may seem basic at first glance: a “Browse” button to select files and a “Send” button to upload. Under the hood, over 75 options are available for customization, including FTP tuning, file filtering, automatic compression, and HTTP tunneling (via UnlimitedFTP Servlet).

U-Upload Professional offers a number of ways to incorporate the applet into your web application: control the applet with JavaScript and your own buttons/triggers, POST transaction details to a URL, and redirect to either pages or JavaScript functions after events such as completed transfers. The demo uses redirect to show a JavaScript alert after transfer.

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U-Upload Secure shares these capabilities, but also adds the ability to transfer over SFTP or FTPS.

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U-Upload Cart / Cart Secure

U-Upload Cart, used for this demo, presents a full graphical interface, allowing users add files to a transfer “cart” for upload.

With redirection and POST functions, U-Upload Cart can sit at the center of a dynamic file submission system. Or simply embed the applet with one small line of code and have your users uploading files today.

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U-Upload Cart Secure offers all the features of U-Upload Cart, with the added ability to transfer over SFTP or FTPS.

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