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UnlimitedFTP IconComparison ChartUFTP PricingUnlimitedFTP is the world’s first commercial Java FTP client applet. Since its release in 2001, UnlimitedFTP has evolved through customer feedback, resulting in 100 parameters for customization, 5 unique products, and an enormous global user base.

Our two-way web applet comes in three variations: Professional, Secure, and Lite. UnlimitedFTP Commander is a command-line tool offering significant advantages over built-in console FTP. Add HTTP tunneling to UnlimitedFTP or U-Upload with the UnlimitedFTP Servlet.

Integration is easy even for non-developers. Putting an applet into your page can be as simple as inserting one line of code into your web-page: <script src=”script_filename.js”></script>.

Please review our Features & Comparison Chart to see the available features for each product of the UnlimitedFTP Java applet family. For more information on costs, please view the Pricing Chart.

UnlimitedFTP Professional

Our most popular FTP applet, UnlimitedFTP Professional allows you to embed a full-featured FTP client right into a web page. Simply put, users do not need to know how to install or configure an FTP client in order to transfer files to your FTP server. Authentication can be manual, automatic, or based on your web application. With UnlimitedFTP, you can create a smooth experience for users and never need to explain FTP client configuration again.

UnlimitedFTP Pro provides over 100 parameters for customization—that’s if you need them! The demo connects automatically and uses the UnlimitedFTP Servlet to circumvent firewall restrictions; the rest of the settings are default.



UnlimitedFTP Secure

UnlimitedFTP Secure offers the functionality of UnlimitedFTP Professional plus the ability to transfer securely over FTPS or SFTP. For added security, you may require users to authenticate with a private key.

Launch the demo and look for the small “lock” icon. UnlimitedFTP Secure adds this optional icon to visually reassure users that transfers are safe. Your security-conscious users will like this icon a lot. But what they’ll like even more is that their files are transferred over a secure channel.



UnlimitedFTP Lite

UnlimitedFTP Lite has fewer functions and a slightly different appearance than the other versions, but retains the simple and familiar feel of a two-pane FTP client.

In this demo, press “connect” then enter credentials for your own FTP server to make a connection.



UnlimitedFTP Commander

UnlimitedFTP Commander is a powerful command-line FTP client which supports secure transfer using SFTP or FTPS. UnlimitedFTP Commander has resume and retry features not found in other command-line FTP clients, and offers HTTP tunneling via the UnlimitedFTP Servlet.

Create automated processes using UnlimitedFTP Commander’s flexible and easy-to-use scripting interface. Build applications that can output to command line in order to leverage UnlimitedFTP Commander’s feature set. Or simply use it for reliable and secure command-line FTP.



UnlimitedFTP Servlet

UnlimitedFTP Servlet is the unsung hero of many a file-based web application. Although invisible to the end-user, the servlet offers an easy way to bypass firewall and proxy server issues when using our Java applets. In short, communication between the end-user and UnlimitedFTP Servlet happens over HTTP, and the servlet communicates with the FTP server on behalf of the user.

The implications of this are that virtually any machine with access to the public internet can transfer files to your FTP server, and that exposing the FTP Server to the public internet becomes optional.

If your government or enterprise clients have ever told you that their FTP usage is restricted, or if you can’t afford to miss a transfer due to a user’s firewall, you will understand the value of the UnlimitedFTP Servlet.