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U-Download IconU-Download PricingU-Download is an HTTP(S) download manager. Because it uses file URLs, you do not need to configure an FTP server to use it. And since the transfers occur over HTTP(S), firewalls are not an issue.

With U-Download, your users will be able to download multiple files with a single mouseclick. Use the applet for simple static downloads of one or more files, or use dynamic languages and redirection to integrate one-click download into your web application.

For more information on costs, please view the Pricing Chart.


Click below for the world’s simplest demo. To jazz things up just a little, we have done a few small things: first, we enable the option for showing total progress; next, we add an image to the progress dialog (this image can be whatever you like—a corporate logo, for instance); finally, we redirect to another HTML page after the transfer.

You may also download the full product below, which will run in demonstration mode until it is licensed with a valid key.

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†Based on absolutely no evidence. This may not be the world’s simplest demo, but it sure is basic, isn’t it?