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The FileCatalyst platform provides acceleration, security, reliability and automation. Transfer at full line speed even with high latency and packet loss, problems common to satellite and wireless networks. The UDP-based protocol achieves speeds up to 100X faster (or more) than FTP, while ensuring the delivery of large files with robust retry, resume, and verification facilities.

FileCatalyst Direct

The FileCatalyst Direct solution allows organizations to optimize their file transfer process with a powerful set of management and acceleration features. The diverse client-side options create compelling end-user experiences, maximizing productivity as well as transfer speed.

FileCatalyst Webmail FileCatalyst Webmail allows users to send files of any size to anywhere in the world, using only the recipient’s email address. This web application requires zero installation by end-users, putting FileCatalyst technology into the browser for clients and administrators alike.
FileCatalyst WorkFlow FileCatalyst Workflow allows enterprises to automate their workflow while accelerating file transfers. The flexible web-based architecture of FileCatalyst Workflow allows it to be deployed for virtually any scenario involving both external and internal processes.

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