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New Applets plus Certificates

Our UnlimitedFTP and U-Upload applets have been re-released. Both product families have new code-signing certificates, bringing the applets up-to-date as well as resolving an issue discovered with the previous certificate. All applets now have tighter integration with native OS look and feel, with UFTP Pro and UFTP Secure also getting a refresh of their toolbar icons.

What is a code-signing certificate?

To keep our applets secure, we use code-signing certificates. It’s like shrink-wrap, guaranteeing the applet has not been tampered with by a 3rd party. These are renewed bi-annually, and are now available.

What is a code-signing certificate? I’m sure there are better articles on the web to explain the smallest details, but the general idea is that we source a security certificate, much like those used to secure pages over HTTPS, which make sure that an applet that comes from us cannot be tampered with. If a third party intercepts and tries to modify the code for malicious purposes, the applet will no longer function. When you use an Unlimi-Tech applet, the certificate is our guarantee that it will do nothing harmful to your computer.

Why every 2 years? Like other types of certificates, the certificate vendor cannot simply issue a certificate for a ‘lifetime’ guarantee.

How do I upgrade? In most cases, all you need to do is download the new version of the applet from our website, and simply copy and paste the JAR file from the ZIP over top of the existing one on your website. Done! Of course, you should always make a backup before you make changes to your site. Here’s a more detailed article from our knowledge base:

Fix Expired Certificate / Upgrade Applet – Unless you have a much older applet (in which case your certificate already expired ages ago!) you will likely be option #1 in that article.

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