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Unlimi-Tech Java FTP Applets – FTP on your website

Unlimi-Tech applets provide the ability to embed full-featured FTP clients and file transfer managers into a webpage. This allows end users to transfer files without the need to install or configure additional software.

UFTP Java Applet IconUnlimitedFTP Product Family

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Embed an FTP interface directly into your web page, enabling 2-way transfers without leaving the browser. Imagine: you will never have to explain how to configure an FTP client again. Add the UnlimitedFTP Servlet to your solution, and firewall issues also disappear.

Java FTP Upload Applet iconU-Upload Product Family

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Enable uploads to your FTP server directly from a web page. Choose from a minimal interface, an upload manager, or JavaScript API. A range of parameters makes U-Upload easy to integrate into your web app. Compatible with UnlimitedFTP Servlet.

Java HTTP Download Applet iconU-Download

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Download multiple files with a single mouse click. Use dynamic web languages such as PHP for file selection, or assign a permanent set of files to the button. HTTP(S) allows the download to bypass all but the strictest firewalls, and redirection enables integration with a web application.

Java HTTP Download Applet iconFileCatalyst

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The FileCatalyst platform provides acceleration, security, reliability and automation. Transfer at full line speed even with high latency and packet loss, problems common to satellite and wireless networks.

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