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Fixing Expired Certificates

As of February 2009, all Unlimi-Tech applets have been re-signed with new security certificates.

If you are using the Unlimi-Tech applets in standalone form (UnlimitedFTP, U-Upload, UDownload) then this article is for you. If you are using the applets as part of one of our web offerings–FileCatalyst Webmail (Formerly Files2U) or FileCatalyst Web Workflow (formerly Doctera) this article is NOT for you.

Once every so often (every two years to be precise), our applet customers–even those with perpetual licenses–must update their applets. This is because we use digital signatures to guarantee the safety of the applet. One interesting analogy compares this process to the “shrink wrap” of a physical product you might find on a store shelf. By digitally signing, Unlimi-Tech is guaranteeing that when you install our applets, they have not been tampered with.

However, digital signatures, like any other security certificate, must be updated. Although applet functionality is maintained (end-users simply select “Trust” or “Run” from the warning dialog), the certificate itself has expired.

We update these in-house and then roll out new versions of the applets. To get the benefits of the security certificate (and make any browser nag dialogues go away) you need to upgrade your applets with the latest version from the website. If, after upgrading, you are still seeing the nag dialog, please contact Unlimi-Tech in order to have the situation resolved. Read More… »

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