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Below is a collection of some of our customer testimonials highlighting how Unlimi-Tech’s file transfer solutions were used to solve business needs.


UnlimitedFTP helped the people at NEC Electronics integrate their file transfer process with their web page.

“The tool helped us make this process easy by passing predefined parameters like login name, server location, directory name, etc. It literally made the file transfer a two click process.”

– Mir Baqar, Manager, eBusiness Solutions, NEC Systems


UnlimitedFTP makes client submissions, and content management a breeze for Unisys.

“The UnlimitedFTP applet is clean, customizable, and provides a simple-to-use interface with all the functionality that we need … UnlimitedFTP has become an important part of our web infrastructure for handling inbound materials from clients and is an efficient interface for manipulating content.”

– Rolf Bergerson, Unisys


Files2U made exchanging large files easier for PPL.

“Through Files2U we aim to reduce the difficulty in transferring large files for our employees and partners. Files2U offers a streamlined interface to transfer files online without burdening our corporate email servers. It’s a powerful solution that fits our needs perfectly.”

– Chris Carter, PPL

UnlimitedFTP provides web based, folder level transfers to IBackup.

“With UnlimitedFTP based technology, IBackup is able to offer browser based folder level transfers in its Smart-IB product, a key feature among IBackup’s many ways to provide secure and flexible storage solutions based on open standards.” *

– Raghu Kulkarni, President & CEO Pro Softnet Corp.
*Pro Softnet Corp., IBackup’s parent company, is an investor and partner in Unlimi-Tech

necPastas de Disciplinas of the Methodist University pf Piracicaba uses UnlimitedFTP for enhanced web services for students and faculty.

” Through the use of UnlimitedFTP, Pastas de Diciplinas is able to offer enhanced web-based services and reduce support and maintenance costs for the University.”

– Jose Adriano Baltieri, Methodist University of Piracicaba

nec UnlimitedFTP provides FTP Today customers with a means to send and receive files too large for e-mail attachments.

“…utilizing UnlimitedFTP allows end users of each hosted ftpToday site private access to their site without the need for licensing and installing individual FTP client software. The browser-based UnlimitedFTP client allows ftpToday to provide value added services that no other FTP host offers”

– Martin Horan, CEO

nec UnlimitedFTP helped DoctorNET to meet the needs of their client.

“DoctorNET deployed UnlimitedFTP for a large multi-national manufacturing company…”

– Chris Maule, DoctorNET