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Unlimi-Tech applets provide the ability to embed full-featured FTP clients and file transfer managers into a webpage. This allows end users to transfer files without the need to install or configure additional software.

UFTP Java Applet IconUnlimitedFTP Product Family

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Embed an FTP interface directly into your web page, enabling 2-way transfers without leaving the browser. Imagine: you will never have to explain how to configure an FTP client again. Add the UnlimitedFTP Servlet to your solution, and firewall issues also disappear.

Java FTP Upload Applet iconU-Upload Product Family

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Enable uploads to your FTP server directly from a web page. Choose from a minimal interface, an upload manager, or JavaScript API. A range of parameters makes U-Upload easy to integrate into your web app. Compatible with UnlimitedFTP Servlet.

Java HTTP Download Applet iconU-Download

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Download multiple files with a single mouse click. Use dynamic web languages such as PHP for file selection, or assign a permanent set of files to the button. HTTP(S) allows the download to bypass all but the strictest firewalls, and redirection enables integration with a web application.

Fix “This application will be blocked…”

With update 7u45 Java announced its intention to introduce new security requirements in an upcoming release by adding the following warning in yellow “This application will be blocked in a future Java security update because the JAR file manifest does not contain the Permissions attribute”


Required Update to All Applets

As of March 12th, 2013 all older Java Applets versions published by Unlimi-Tech will stop working. An upgrade is required to keep these applets working error free after this date.

All Java Applets including, UnlimitedFTP, UUpload and UDownload have been updated.

Updates include:

  • New Applet Certificate expiring on March 29, 2015
  • New JavaScript for launching the applet. The new script uses the default deployJava.js as implemented by Oracle in Java 6. This new script makes the applet loading more compatible across all operating systems. Click here for more details.

Tips & Tricks: Internet Explorer and FileCatalyst Applets

When a FileCatalyst applet is loaded in a user’s computer the Internet Explorer 9 may show following warning: “FileCatalyst wants to use an old version of java (1.6.0_18) that is not installed on your system. We recommend running this application with the latest version of Java on your computer”.

This is caused by IE not being not able to properly interpret certain components of JavsScript code. To fix this problem a small change should be made to applet configuration file (for example fcdownload.js).